Rustic Artist Hideaway
Lose the world and find yourself at the Artist Hideaway.

The house is hidden away on the lovely bay waters of the Gulf of Mexico at the end of Indiana Avenue on the island of Cedar Key, Florida.  Your panoramic view is ever changing here. Paddle your kayak on waterways surrounded by needle rush, saltwort, glasswort and smooth cord grass. These amazing flats of salt grasses are home to Great American egrets, great blue herons, tri-color herons, little blue herons, snowy egrets, ospreys, and even the American Bald eagle. 
At high tide even the Atlantic Bottle Nose Dolphins visit this pristine area to feed and play.  
 From the loft bedroom you'll awaken to that expansive view of sky, sea and salt marsh grass seen via four large plate glass windows. Take your morning coffee out onto the waterfront balcony, breathe in the fresh salt laden air, watch the osprey fishing for his breakfast.

The Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuge comprises thirteen uninhabited off shore islands in the Gulf of Mexico. Accessible only by boat these pristine islands are just minutes away from your "hide away".

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